First, A Bit About The Templates

About the Gallery:

Templates shown in this gallery are of the one photo layouts only, but up to 99 can be added. To begin your tour please select one of the standard or holiday themed auction template categories:


The templates are fully compatible with all online auction sites that accept html in the description area. They can be used directly on eBay, are compatible with eBay's Turbo Lister as well as a variety of auction management services/sites.


Each template is formatted so sellers may optionally insert their seller/store logo. This is done through the Listing Generator and does not require any HTML knowledge.

* The Seller Sourcebook is NOT Affiliated with The Gymboree Corporation. All graphics contained in these templates are creative works inspired by Gymboree clothing. If any images may have been used to create these graphics they are based off of personal photographs. Gymboree is the registered trademark of The Gymboree Corporation.