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Mint Silhouette ALG Crystals Lyrical Curtain Call Costume


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Product Identifiers and their Importance

Most new, branded items have unique identifiers that help buyers recognize and find them, including the item’s brand, manufacturer part number (MPN), and global trade item number (GTIN). These GTINs can include an item’s Universal Product Code (UPC), European Article Number (EAN), or International Standard Book Number (ISBN).

Product identifiers help buyers find your item more easily both on selling sites and in search engines, even when the buyer does not specifically use them during their search. It is recommended that you use product identifiers whenever possible to maintain search visibility. Most manufacturers list identifiers like MPN and GTIN directly on a product’s packaging, and often right on the product itself.

Inventory Management Tool

Manage your inventory directly on SSB and speed up your listing process. With our Inventory Management tool you will be able to create a list of items that you usually keep in stock. When listing, you will be able to allocate your inventory across scheduled or active listings. Our at-a-glance view of your items will show what you have on hand, available to list, and quantities sold. You’ll be able to view an inventory history for each SKU and print reports for your records.

To begin using the tool please go to the Listings menu and select Inventory Items under the orange Prepare header.

Discounted Shipping Insurance

Did you know you could insure your packages directly through SSB and at a significant savings? Check out our rate table to see how much you can save on shipping insurance!

Shipping insurance is provided through a private insurance company and covers packages shipping from the United States and Canada via USPS, FedEx or UPS. Both domestic and international packages may be covered, and this includes First Class Mail International! Our special contract includes coverage to countries that are sometimes excluded by other services.

To get started, a deposit must be made to your insurance account at SSB. This insurance account is debited as packages are insured. Your buyer must have checked out and the item marked as shipped at eBay to qualify for insurance. Claims are filed directly with the insurance company and claims are settled within 5 days once the insurance company has received the required information. If you have any questions, please email our support desk.


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