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What subscribers are saying about the Seller Sourcebook

"I just signed up yesterday and I am having the most fun ever creating my listings. Your templates are awesome and everything is SO easy to use. I used to use (site name removed) and there is no comparison--you guys win hands down!" - Carolyn


"I have been a customer for years now and I just wanted to let you know that the new listing form with the design capabilities is fabulous!!! I am continually amazed and appreciative of the constant upgrades and user friendly products that you provide making my listings stand out. Class act all the way. Great product, low prices and best customer service I have ever experienced! " - Ilene


"Since I have began using you guys my auction bids have doubled on my items listed on Ebay. Your site is very easy to use, and your templates make every item I list look great. So much better than (site name removed), or any others I have used in the past. And it is actually fun using Sellers Source book, with so many great templates to choose from!" - Christin


"Thank you, Thank-you, THANK YOU!!!! After spending the past month as a new ebay seller struggling with listing items and trying to figure out why everyone else had such cute and cool listing, I found you!!! I love this site and I don't have to worry about you hasseling my customers with insurance so I can get basic free templates. Finally, a trustworthy, honerable site with great customer service that allows even the struggling computer whiz to list on ebay. You are the Best!!!!" - Veronica


"I've been a Sellersourcebook member almost from the beginning. I've seen the site grow and change over time and have always been an ardent fan and one of your immediate beta testers for whatever was new! I recently went over to (site name removed) to compare the 'useability' factor. I'm BBAAACCCKK! Your new version is more efficient and faster than've outdone yourself with the latest version...can't wait to see what lies ahead! - Robin


"A quick note to say ..... when other sites inform us there will be updates and/or improvements, they NEVER are. When SSB announces improvements, I always say, "Woooooooooooo Hoooooooooo!!" I have great faith the job will be done properly and all will be working properly before the new version is rolled out. You haven't let us down ~ these changes are FANtasTIC! Thank you so much for making SSB a wonderful user-friendly service; a HUGE Thank you for all the fine improvements that make my life easier; and a GIANT THANK YOU for always doing the job right the first time. Not to mention the best customer service ANYWHERE." - Susan


"The new listing generator is fabulous and I just wanted to comment on it. In the past I've only written when I needed your help. Today I want to heap praise on you -love it, love it, love it! I can't figure out why EVERY Ebay seller isn't signed on with SSB. Thanks!" - Deb


"So thankful for your making my auctions look so very professional. Even though biz is slow right now, I know that if there are two items on eBay just like mine, more than likely mine will sell for more $ than either of the others...... attributable to YOUR templates!" - Sally


"I don't know what I would do without your company. It makes listing a joy...when it really is an ardous and boring task! The templates make me happy!!!!" - Karen


"Over the past two weeks, I have really depended on SSB customer service to help me with custom templates, and I will say, your customer service is 5-stars in my book. Thank you for your knowledge, for just taking out the time to be of utmost service to your customers, and extremely quick response. I truly appreciate everything you all have done for me regarding customer support and just wanted to say thanks!" - Jenny


"I just wanted to tell you how greatful I am to have found your services. I have been interested in a serious career with an Ebay store but I had no idea how to make my listings look more professional. I would see other listings and wonder how they did it! I found so many services that would design pages but their prices were so high I could never afford it. Now I can easily afford to make my listings look great and it is SO easy! Thank you so much!" - Melinda


Your service is an amazing product. Listing and scheduling just 20-25 auctions per week, more than pay for the service. This alone saves me 10 cents per listing. And, unlike eBay's only 2 weeks in advance, I can schedule listings up to 90 days in advance. The extra pictures I can add for free saves a ton of money also. Where eBay's charge is 15 cents for each additional picture, I can add as many as I wish with Seller Sourcebook for free. And the templates? WOW! What an amazing selection. Each one suited to a specific season, product, service or use. The templates help make my listings look professional, organized and informative. And, with the preloaded information, they save me a lot of time too.

The best part of the service is it works flawlessly. Live launch, scheduled launch, store inventory or fixed price. Seller Sourcebook works on time, every-time! I do have one regret though. It is that I wasted all that money and helped eBay get rich for almost 5 years before I was "introduced", lol, to your service! Sign me "One very happy Seller Sourcebook customer" - Todd


"I just wanted to let you know what an impact your templates have made. I am seeing a dramatic increase in sales as well as higher ending prices of my auctions utilizing your service over those auctions of mine that don't. It is amazing - thank you so much!" - Rosemary


"I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for providing this great service! Since signing up with The Seller Sourcebook, I've noticed an increase in sales and feel that my auction listings have that professional edge they were lacking before. I love your templates and all of the many options from which to chose. All of the flexibility from template style to quantity of photos for each template makes my eBay life much easier! Thank you, Thank you!" - Julie


"OH MY GOSH! I love this site!!! I've been on Ebay for about 4 years....never seen or experienced something so heavenly such as this! SO easy & user friendly!! thank you ! thank you ! thank you!!!!!!!!!" - Mitzi


"Where have you been my 7 yrs on ebay.. Fast.. easy... cool looking pages!  I am so excited!" - Michele


"I just wanted to tell you, I have never been so "ebay-happy" than I have been with your site. I have tried and searched at all sorts of sites and templates and image hosting. I have been on ebay for 5 years now. And I wish I could shout it from the rooftops.. I love Seller Sourcebook!! Seriously, your site has just made my hectic life a little bit easier. It takes me minutes to organize and list auctions now. Not to mention the money I save on pictures. And I'd say 99% of all the auctions I listed using your service were bid/won on. Not a common thing these days with ebay. So let me finish with Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!" - Sherri


"People LOVE your templates!!! I get compliments almost every day from people. In fact, the other day I had to ask a question on the Ebay live help line. The lady kept on saying over & over again how cute my auctions were. She would say "your listing is cute"..."your listing is REALLY cute"... "how did you do your background, it's adorable" So I told her about you and how you made me look like I really knew what I was doing when I didn't know JACK! She said "lol". Anyway, it gives me so much confidence knowing that I've presented my auction in the most professional and appealing way. And it's thanks to you! So have a great day and know that you enhance the lives and careers of 100's of people daily!!" - Jennifer


"SSB is spoiling us with the MOST AWESOME selection of Templates, TOP NOTCH customer service and THE BEST support to help us get our auctions up & running AND more profitable! Thanks for all your hard work Kristen!" - Melanie


"Oh my gosh !!! I love this site!!! I have used 4 other image hosting/template online auction sites and I have finally found the best one. The Seller Sourcebook is by far the most user friendly image & template resource for eBay auction listings ever. The price is right and the templates are out of this world. My new goal for this year was to work smarter not harder. With The Seller Sourcebook I have achieved my goal. Why spend all that time trying to create eye-catching templates, when The Seller Sourcebook has them for you cheaper than you would pay most online auction sites just to host your images. Thank you for helping my business grow. " - Diane


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