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SSB is a flat rate service; you pay one price and get all the benefits. SSB charges NO per item fees, NO insertion fees and NO transactions fee. You are only responsible for any fees charged by the auction service you choose to use.

One Price, All the Benefits:

Monthly Subscription: $8.95

Subscription renews automatically each month at the same rate of $8.95 for a full month of access. - Sign-up Today

You are NEVER under any obligation to renew your subscription and may cancel at any time prior to your next billing cycle. Your account will remain open and available for you to use until your paid time has expired.

What is included in each subscription?

A subscription to The Seller Sourcebook entitles you to ALL of following with no additional fees:

Image Hosting:

NO bandwidth limits, NO per image fees, NO expiration dates and absolutely NO automatic image deletion!

Ability to post listings directly to, eBay Australia, eBay Canada, eBay UK and Bonanza. Including FREE Scheduling for eBay Listings:

You may post your listing directly as you create them or you may use our free scheduler and have your listings post at a later date. If you prefer, you may copy your listing code to post directly to eBay, use in TurboLister or use on another auction site of your choice. SSB is a flat rate service with no hidden costs. We do NOT charge per item fees and do NOT charge any transaction fees on top of your eBay fees!

Access to our entire Template Library:

SSB templates have all been professionally designed to contain NO Active Content. Each Template has layouts that support up to 100 photos - all perfectly aligned and balanced in the display. Or choose our No Photo layout option and add your photos in later to create a unique look that is all yours!

Access to our online Listing Generator:

Our Listing Generator makes creating auction listings a snap. No HTML knowledge needed! Just type in your item's title, details, select your image(s) and you are ready to go!

Ability to use with other auction sites:

SSB templates and image hosting are compatible with many other auction sites. After creating your listing on SSB you may copy your listing code and post directly to the auction site of your choice.

Automatic Logo Insertion:

Each template supports the use of seller/business logos. Upload your logo, select it in your listing preferences and it will appear automatically in each of your auction listings and will be perfectly formatted inside of the template.

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