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Image Hosting & Online Image Manager

500mb of Image Hosting Space:

Each account comes with 500mb hosting space for your Images. That is approximately 6000 Images for your listings!

Easy Auction Image Uploads:

Uploading and managing your Images is done through the Image Manager. Our Drag & Drop Uploader allows you to batch upload your Images quickly. Just select the Images on your hard drive, drag them over to the upload window and drop them. Your Images will begin uploading immediately!

Tired of editing your Images to reduce the file size or having to rotate them so your items face the right way? Well our Image Manager does that for you too!

No Bandwidth Limits, No Per Image Fees, No Auto Deletions:

SSB does not charge any per Image fees nor are you hindered by bandwidth limits or even limited to how long you may keep a Image online. As long as your account is active you may place your Images into your Image Manager and keep them there as long as you like!

More Pictures in Listings:

Like a lot of photos in your listings to show off your product? With SSB image hosting & templates you may add up to 100 photos per listing with no per image fees.

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