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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is included in a subscription?

A subscription to The Seller Sourcebook entitles you to the following:

Listing Generator - launch directly to eBay US, AU, CA, eBay Motors, Bonanza.

Our Listing Generator makes creating both auction and store listings a snap. No HTML knowledge needed! Just type in your item's title, details, select your image(s) and you are ready to go! You may also create a manual listing for other eCommerce sites.

3000+ Listing Templates with NO Active Content:

SSB Templates contain No Active Content and have all been professionally designed to give you an edge over the standard layouts and designs normally seen. Each Template has layouts that support dozens of photos - all perfectly aligned and balanced in the display. Photos are also uploaded to EPS for your convenience.

90 Day Advance Auction Scheduling:

When using the SSB launcher for eBay US, AU, CA, UK or eBay Motors you may schedule your listings to launch for you from SSB for FREE - no eBay scheduling fee!

Image Hosting:

NO bandwidth limits, NO per image fees, NO expiration dates and absolutely NO automatic image deletion!

Image Watermarking:

Protect your images from theft. SSB's built in watermarking tool allows you to create your own watermark to place on any of your images.

Automatic Logo Insertion:

Each template supports the use of seller/business logos allowign you to brand your listings easily.

Bulk Relist Tool:

Relist your items quickly and easily with our Bulk Relist Tool.

Inventory Management:

Create, manage and list your inventory items with ease.

Free Email Support:

Need help? Just email us and we will be happy to help and of course at no charge.

Do you charge a per item fee, item insertion or transaction fee?

SSB charges NO per item fees, NO insertion fees and NO transactions fee. You are still responsible for any fees charged by the auction service you choose to use.

Do you charge for email support?

No! Free email support is included with your subscription.

What is the subscription price?

Monthly Subscription for just $8.95.

Subscription renews automatically each month at the same rate of $8.95 for a full 30 days of access. - Sign-up Today

With a subscriptions you are NEVER under any obligation to renew and may cancel at any time prior to your next billing cycle.

Are there a minimum number of months I need to subscribe?

No there are not! If you decide that you do not like the service you are under no obligation to stay subscribed for any certain number of months and may cancel.

Are you both Mac & PC compatible?

Yes, we are! SSB tests all of our online tools as well as our templates to ensure they are compatible for both Mac & PC users.

Using SSB with eBay US, AU, CA, UK, eBay Motors, Bonanza & other auction sites

Do I have to give you my eBay or Bonanza password?

No, we do not require you to give us your any auction site password and believe this is private information that should not be shared with anyone.

In order to launch your auctions to eBay US, AU, CA, UK, eBay Motors or Bonanza you will need to request an Authorization Token. To request an Authorization Token click the "Get Token" button in your SSB account Preferences. You will be redirected to the Token Authorization area on eBay or Bonanza to give your approval.

Can I really launch my listings directly to eBay or Bonanza from SSB?

Yes our launcher supports eBay US, AU, CA, UK, eBay Motors and Bonanza (More sites coming soon!) Click here to learn how our Listing Generator works.

Can I really schedule my listings for free?

Yes, if you are using our scheduler for eBay US, AU, CA, UK & eBay Motors you will not be charged a scheduling fee by eBay. SSB will launch your listing for you on the date and the time you have selected for free.

Is SSB compatible with other Auction Sites?

Yes we are! Our image hosting and auction templates have been used with CQout, Craigslist, eBid and many other auction sites. As long as the auction site allows the use of HTML with embedded and/or linked style sheets our templates will work!

Tutorials are available showing you how to post your SSB listing code on the various auction sites.


Are the templates free from Active Content?

SSB templates contain absolutely no Active Content.

Click Here to visit the Template Gallery.

Do I have access to all the templates or am I restricted to only use one template?

There are no restrictions on your subscription. You are able to use any and all of our templates as long as your subscription is active.

Do I need to know HTML to use the templates?

Absolutely not! All of our templates have been designed to take care of the HTML work for you! You may use HTML if you wish but it is not required.

Can my Seller Logo be inserted into the templates?

Yes, each of the templates has been designed to support a sellers logo if you have one and it will be perfectly formatted with the template in your listing.

I have my own custom template; can it be used on SSB?

Yes, we are happy to install any custom templates you have into our system for your own personal use.

Are Custom Designed Templates and Seller Logos available?

Yes, please visit our partner site Auction-Addons for information on having a custom template designed for you.

Image Hosting

How much image hosting space do I receive?

Each account comes with a standard 500mb of image hosting space. Based on an average file size of 50kb per photo, this would allow you to upload approximately 10,000 images into your SSB account.

How many photos can I place within a listing?

Each Template has layouts that support up to 100 (yes, one hundred!) photos - all perfectly aligned and balanced in the display.

You may choose to show your photos in full size, have a thumbnail version shown which your buyer clicks to see the enlarged version or display thumbnail size versions of your photos the buyer can rollover and see in full size without leaving the listing or needing to scroll down the page.

Thrirteen photo layouts are available.

Will auction sites charge me extra for using your image hosting?

No, auction sites do not charge sellers for using our image hosting. For example, when using our image hosting the "per picture" fees are not applicable on eBay as we are your image host, not the eBay service.

Do you charge extra for bandwidth usage or per image fees?

SSB does not charge any per image fees nor are you hindered by bandwidth limits or even limited to how long you may keep a photo online. As long as your account is active you may place your auction photos into your Image Manager and keep them there as long as you like!

Getting Help
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact support for assistance.

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